What is WEDF?

Wir-erstellen-deine-finanzen.com was created in 2021 and is aimed at both the B2B and B2C sectors. As an intermediary website, it brings together financial service providers or advisors, law firms, offices and self-employed professionals in the financial services sector with companies, individuals and others who would like to have their financial management handled by a professional. Unique in the world is the strategic specialization only on financial experts. As a result, businesses, individuals and others can find the exact financial expert that is perfectly suited to their needs.

Through our sophisticated, multilingual system, we aim to help financial experts grow entrepreneurially and contribute to fast, efficient customer acquisition in new target markets. We ourselves promote this website in both German and English to generate the highest possible volume of international visitors and thus achieve a maximum of successful referrals.

For financial experts, the listing on this website is associated with a manageable monthly financial outlay. This is usually already amortized by the sole acquisition of a customer through this website. After the trial period or after 3 months, the listing subscription can be terminated. If the subscription is not cancelled within 1 month before the end of the term, it is automatically renewed for another 3 months.

For companies, individuals and others this site is completely free of charge. We wish you good luck with your search.